Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ohio Lapbook

We have been learning about United States geography state by state for about a year and a half now. We have been studying one state a week using the fabulous resource, "A Trail Guide to U.S. Geography." Earlier this year, when we studied our home state of Ohio, I wanted to do something a bit different and more in-depth than our typical notebooking page at the end of each week's state study.

So, each of my children completed a lapbook on Ohio. While we used the Ohio Project Pack from Hands of a Child as our guide, we also added our own elements.

In this post, I am highlighting my 5th grade son's lapbook. On the front of the lapbook is a map of Ohio which was completed according to the directions in "A Trail Guide to U.S. Geography." When opened, you can see mini-books about:

  • Ohio's state tree (The Buckeye)

  • Ohio's state flag

  • Minibook filled with facts and symbols about Ohio (state bird, state animal, land area, state song, state nickname, capital, date of statehood, population, state tree, state flower, and state motto)

  • Crops from Ohio

  • The Amish

  • The Great Seal of the State of Ohio

On the other side of the lapbook, there are minibooks about:

  • Ohio Tribes

  • Industries in Ohio

  • Ohio: Mother of Modern Presidents

  • The Ohio Timeline of Awesome Achievements and Events

  • Products Manufactured in Ohio

  • Brief Report on the Box Turtle (an animal that lives in Ohio)

My favorite part of this lapbook is my son's drawing of the Box Turtle. While I had wanted a realistic drawing, I have to admit I find this cartoon-like drawing of the Box Turtle enchanting. I also thought he did a good job with his paragraph inside the mini-book.The Box Turtle can lay up to 8 eggs. The Box Turtle is found in the woodland habitat. The male turtle usually has red eyes, and a long tail. The female (and male) usually has a black or brown shell. If the turtle got flipped over it can't get up.

Here are the resources we used for this lapbook, in addition to the Project Pack from Hands of a Child.

  • Ohio Plants and Animals by Marcia Schonberg, Heineman State Studies
  • The Ohio Buckeye, The Tree, The State, The Story, VHS
  • Cardinal Numbers: An Ohio Counting Book by Marcia Schonberg
  • Rand McNally Schoolhouse Children's Illustrated United States Atlas


Kathleen said...

I am so happy to hear you have enjoyed The Trail Guide because I plan to use it next year. Now are your kids completing the student notebook as recommended in The Trail Guide, or are you doing something else? Just curious about the amount of work involved because we will also be getting some geography from History Odyssey, so I don't want to overload! :)

Samvach said...

We have enjoyed using The Trail Guide to U.S. Geography - I truly think it is a wonderful resource. You might enjoy reading this post -

In that post I talked all about how we are making an illustrated geography dictionary as suggested in The Trail Guide.

In addition to the geography dictionary, we complete the daily drills, map work for each state, and make weekly notebooking pages.

There is a lot more in this resource that we don't use - there is just so much in the book.


Giggly Girls said...

It looks fabulous!!!

schoolmarmohio said...

I love your blog and the resources you have available to home school families. Thanks for all the work you put into your posts. It is well done :)