Monday, June 14, 2010

Pokemon Birthday Cake

My youngest turned 9 over the week-end.  To celebrate his birthdy we had a family cook-out complete with a homemade birthday cake.  I LOVE to make cakes but I do find it time consuming so I have to be sure to set aside time to make a cake before a birthday party.  Duncan wanted a Pokemon cake and my middle son, who is 11, helped tremendously with designing the cake.  The cake was simple but turned out really cute and Duncan adored his cake!

I tried something new with this cake.  Instead of making a single line of icing between the cakes, I made a double-stacked line of icing between the cakes.  In a cake-decorating class I took when I first got married about 17 years ago, this line of icing was called a moat.  So, I made my moat double-tall. 

The double-tall icing moat allowed me to add a thick layer of vanilla pudding in between the layers.  Yummy!

My middle son made clay figures out of Sculpey 3 for the cake.  He chose two of my youngest's favorite Pokemon characters, Tangela and Ditto.  Mason also drew the arena for me on a piece of paper and I copied the arena on the top of the cake using gel tinted black.  I piped a star border on the top and bottom and added a sprinkling of edible glitter.


Jennifer said...

What a gorgeous cake! and Happy Birthday to the little guy!

Stacy said...

You did a good job on the cake!

BTW -- I plan to link to you in an upcoming homeschool spotlight post.

Mama to 3 all-boy boys said...

Beautiful cake! i love making cakes, too, but mine don't have the professional piped look to them. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Pebblekeeper said...

Love the Pokemon Cake! I'll have to show the boys in the morning. :) Thanks for the welcome to the crew- yes, you have been in my reader for a while. :) Nice to see a fellow Outdoor Hour friend here on the crew!

FishMama said...

FishBoy 6 is looking at cakes with me. He said, "Wow, there's a Pokemon on there."

Lexi said...

it is SO cool that your son helped and made sculpty characters!!!

Samvach said...

The Pokemon characters that my older son made were his birthday present to my youngest. When he suggested the idea, I didn't think it would work because they're not edible but then I thought about all of the plastic cake decorations that are used and though, "Hey, that WILL work!" I think I've opened up new possibilities for cake decoration here!

Thank you so much to everybody else that commented on my cake. All of you really made me feel good about my limited cake decorating talents.