Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Homeschooling High School: Sports

My oldest daughter is a talented competitive swimmer…and she’s homeschooled. The fact that my daughter is a competitive swimmer and is homeschooled was never an issue for her or for others until she entered her freshman year of high school at home.
Around here, high school sports are a big deal…a really big deal. As our daughter edged closer and closer to high school age, the questions began. “Where will your daughter swim for high school?” When we explained that our daughter would continue to be homeschooled through high school and that she would not be swimming on a high school swim team, more questions and concerns were raised.

In my area, homeschooling for grades K-8 is fairly common but homeschooling all the way through high school is not. Many teens are sent to high school specifically so that they can have the opportunity to play sports. While I completely understand the importance that a sport can play in a young person’s life, the decision is a difficult one for parents who were planning to homeschool through the high school years.

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Kristy Hom said...

Hi Samantha,
Just wanted to say hello- I discovered your blog today, and think this is an excellent post.

I am a former competitive swimmer, and am homeschooling my two gymnasts. I have been nodding my head through this whole post!

We very much value our organized sport experience- it has been invaluable to my kids in all the ways you mentioned. The hard parts you mentioned keep us all resilient and teach us to be resourceful in making this lifestyle work for us. I'm glad we have this opportunity to be involved, while continuing to homeschool through the high school years.