Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ten Christmas-Themed Movies I Plan to Watch this Holiday Season

It's almost November!  I love to make my entertainment media Christmas-themed for the holiday season.  I've already started reading my first Christmas-themed novel of the season and plan to start watching Christmas-themed movies soon.  I've been working on making a list of new and old Christmas movies that I plan to watch this holiday season and am hoping to compile a long list from which I can choose over the next two months.  So, grab the hot chocolate and the Christmas cookies!  Snuggle up with a warm quilt!  Get ready to enjoy a movie that will get you in the holiday spirit!

1.  Christmas with the Kranks - I love this movie!  It's very funny and heartwarming at the same time.  I love the scene where Jamie Lee Curtis fights with another lady at the grocery store for the last special holiday ham.   

2.  A Christmas Story - My children won't let a holiday season go by without watching this classic Christmas gem at least once.  If you haven't seen this one, you better or "you'll poke your eye out!"

3.  Gremlins - While this movie may not pop right into your mind when you think of Christmas films, the setting of the movie is a small town at Christmastime.  My teenage daughter loves 80s films so I plan to watch this one with her this year.

4.  The Santa Clause - I adore this film and I even liked Santa Clause 2 quite a bit.  I'm going to make all of my kids watch both of these movies with me this year.  We'll skip the third movie in the series, though.

5.  Elf - Both of my older children have seen Elf and even quote lines from it.  I'm not sure where I was when they were watching it (probably wrapping Christmas presents or something) but this year, I'm definitely going to watch this one with them.
6.  It's a Wonderful Life - I've NEVER seen this!  I'm going to rectify this shocking holiday omission this Christmas season. 

7.  The Holiday - I adore this movie!  I plan to watch this sweet romantic comedy with my daughter since she enjoys the romantic comedy genre quite a bit.

8.  The Christmas Lodge - I haven't seen this one yet but last year I watched Thomas Kinkade's A Christmas Cottage and loved it.  I'm expecting a feel-good movie that brings tears to my eyes.
9.  A Christmas Romance - I just purchased this movie from Amazon for $6.99 after I confirmed it's not available to rent from Netflix.  Based on the extremely positive reviews on Amazon, I should really enjoy the movie.

10.  Mrs. Miracle - This one is a new movie for me as well.  I'm looking forward to a heartwarming tear-jerker.  I plan to watch Call Me Mrs. Miracle as well.

I would love to hear about some more great holiday movies to add to my list!  If you have some holiday movies that you enjoy, please leave me a comment with the names of the movies so I can add them to my list.

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Mary said...

Great list! We watch A Christmas Story every year. I saw that movie in the theatre, in the 80's.

Paula said...

White Christmas is a must!

Chef Penny said...

I love to watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation every year. It's so funny!

Erin said...

I have a lot of favorites! All I Want for Christmas, A Christmas Visitor, The Christmas Card, Debbie Macomber's Mrs. Miracle & Call Me Mrs. Miracle, A Grandpa for Christmas, Christmas in Connecticut, Prancer, Secret Santa, The Three Gifts. If you are thinking about watching any movies on TV (as opposed to DVD) you might be interested in my printable Christmas Movie Schedule. It's color-coded according to channel. www.christmasmovieschedule.blogspot.com (The blog just mentions schedule updates. You have to click the link at the top for the actual schedule which is posted as a Google Doc.)

Samantha said...


Thank you for the great comment and the wonderful link!


Erin said...

You're welcome! :)
And thank you for the great home schooling info. My son is only a year old at the moment but it is something I am considering.

Roan said...

You are going to LOVE It's a Wonderful LIfe! That is my favorite Christmas movie. Make your kids watch it with you. It really is a good movie. Let us know how you like it after you watch it.

Anonymous said...

The Family Stone! One of the best!!

Lisa McAfee said...

The Muppet Christas is a perennial favorite for our family. My husband and I like to watch While You Were Sleeping together.